If you can't afford to purchase a house with cash, you're not alone. Over 75% of homes are purchased with some type of financing other than all cash.

There are an overwhelming amount of different loan types, and it's important to speak with a competent lender to go over the different options, and find the best fit for you! When choosing a lender, the interest rate is only one of many important considerations. We recommend talking with a few different lenders at different institutions - banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers - there are benefits and detriments to all. 

We want to make the home buying process as easy as possible for you, and having a competent professional handling your loan is a key element. So, here are a few lenders that we trust and would highly recommend to any of our clients.



Jason Lister is looking forward to helping you with your home purchase, refinance or home equity line of credit. He prides himself on finding a creative solution no matter your past history. Jason is an avid soccer fan and he and his family attend James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri.




Brandon Blackmann, Mortgage Loan Officer, Central Bank of the Ozarks

Brandon is smart and driven. He has an incredible work ethic and strives to go above and beyond to make sure you're well taken care of through every step of the home loan process.

Brandon also brings a wealth of experience in Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs), which can be a great option for purchasing investment properties and a good alternative to a costly refinance! Brandon's a great choice for your home loan or refinance. 



Jack Langley.jpg

Jack Langley, VP of Mortgage Lending, vp of branch development, Gershman mortgage

Jack is knowledgeable, thorough, and a great people-person. He's a Navy Veteran, and has a great team behind him at Gershman Mortgage. One of the really cool things about Gershman is that they have a member of their team that works full time with clients on improving their credit scores. Best part is - it's free! So, if that's a service you think you might need, even if you're not going to be buying a home soon, give Jack and Gershman a call. He's available nights and weekends as well!



Brent Woody.jpg

Brent Woody, VP of Mortgage Banking, Oakstar Bank

Brent has over 20 years of experience in home loans. He's competent, professional, and extremely personable. You'll absolutely love working with Brent. 

Brent also has extensive knowledge in reverse mortgages, so if that's something you or someone you know might be considering, he's the go-to guy!